NW Wind & Solar is pleased to announce completion of the Construction Industry Training Council’s 5.2kW Grid Tied Solar Electric System in Bellevue. It was a unanimous decision by CITC’s board of trustees to proceed with the installation as proposed by NW Wind & Solar. We are especially pleased with this system because it helps CITC further develop their Green Building Curriculum, including a Solar Design and Installation course.

One of the key challenges with this project was that CITC’s existing roof was not structurally rated for the additional wind loading generated by mounting tilted solar panels on their flat warehouse-style roof. NW Wind & Solar designed a structural support system that could be installed above CITC’s roof instead of upgrading the existing roof system itself, which would have required significant demolition cost and caused a great deal of disturbance to the facility. The added support assembly minimized the number of roof penetrations, reduced traditional repairs, and also elevated the solar arrays to increase production and visibility for interested students.

Dave Perrin, Vice President of Education for CITC, writes:

The folks from NW Wind & Solar were absolute professionals! The NW Wind & Solar representative was extremely knowledgeable and understood our goals and what we wanted to accomplish with our photovoltaic system. He walked us through a logical, understandable process of assessing our needs and recommended several options for us to select from.

In our opinion - the ultimate test of a top-notch contractor is whether they do everything they say they are going to do – and at the price they quote. NW Wind & Solar exceeded all our expectations in this regard! They arranged the installation schedule to avoid disrupting our classes here at our vocational school and they still completed the installation ahead of schedule.

The technically proficient installation team from NW Wind & Solar completed everything they promised – at exactly the cost they quoted.  Kevin, our NW Wind & Solar Sales Consultant stayed in touch with us through every step in the purchase and installation process, and he was on hand to walk us through everything we needed to know to operate our solar electric system and apply for our production incentive.

You can’t do better than picking NW Wind & Solar for your solar system project.

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